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An Intelligent Discovery and Error Correction Algorithm for Misunderstanding Gesture based on Probabilistic Statistics Model

Volume 14, Number 1, January 2018, pp. 89-100
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.01.p10.89100

Kaiyun Suna, Zhiquan Fenga, Changsheng Aia, Yingjun Lia, Jun Weia, Xiaohui Yanga, Xiaopei Guoa, Hong Liub, Yanbin Hana,b, Yongguo Zhaoc

aSchool of Information Science and Engineering, University of Jinan, Jinan, 250022, China
bSchool of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, 250014, China
cInstitute of Automation Shandong Academy of Sciences, Jinan, 250022, China

(Submitted on October 20, 2017; Revised on November 23, 2017; Accepted on December 7, 2017)


Numerous experiments have shown that there are similar gestures in visual-based gesture recognition. In order to solve the problem, this paper proposes a new algorithm based on Convolutional Neural Network. According to the model test results, the confusion matrix is established. According to the correspondence between each gesture and the predicted result, probability matrix of misjudgement is established. Based on the probability matrix of misjudgement, we correct the gestures that have been incorrectly identified by the Convolutional Neural Network Model. After this algorithm, the recognition rate of similar gestures is increased from 5% to 12%. The innovation of this paper lies in the secondary error correction of the wrong gesture of Convolutional Neural Network structure.


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