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An Efficient FD-aided Visible Light Communication System

Volume 14, Number 6, June 2018, pp. 1234-1240
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.06.p14.12341240

Xu Wanga, Yang Lia, Min Fengb, Jianye Zhangc, and Wang Luob

aNational State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute, Urumchi, 830011, China
bNARI Group Corporations/State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing, 210003, China
cNational State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co. Ltd., Urumchi, 830063, China

(Submitted on March 7, 2018; Revised on April 21, 2018; Accepted on May 23, 2018)


The sharply increasing implementation of light emitting diodes (LED) boosts the rapid development of the visible light communication (VLC). However, current VLC systems fail to achieve high data rate and large capacity region, which are prohibited by the fact that the dynamically changing VLC wireless channel and the statistics of the visible lights. For the sake of breaking these fundamental limitations, in this paper, we develop a novel VLC system for achieving high-speed and reliable communication. To be specific, taking the advantages of the full-duplex (FD) communication that can significantly enhance the spectrum efficiency, we exploit a novel FD-aided VLC system. Also, the developed VLC system is capable of realizing transmitting network signals directly. Additionally, we test the proposed VLC system in practice, and experiments results demonstrate that the developed VLC system outperforms other strategies in terms of the data rate and reliability.


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