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Assessment of Salvage Ability of Armored Salvage Vehicles based on AHP-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Volume 14, Number 12, December 2018, pp. 3005-3013
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.12.p10.30053013

Yong Lia, Fenqi Xueb, Ying Guoa, and Shaohua Wanga

aDepartment of Support and Remanufacture, Beijing, 100072, China
bPLA ARMY, Unit 63963, Beijing, 102205, China

(Submitted on September 15, 2018; Revised on October 8, 2018; Accepted on November 21, 2018)


Considering a large number of fuzzy uncertain factors in the evaluation of rescue capability of rescue equipment, a quantitative evaluation method is proposed by using an improved fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. The AHP-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, through a comprehensive analysis of the key factors affecting the rescue capability, constructed a three-level index system for evaluation of the rescue ability of the equipment. AHP is used to determine the weight of the index, and then the evaluation algorithm is proposed based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Finally, an example is given to verify the effectiveness. The uncertainty inherent in normal evaluation method can be lowered, and the conclusion can provide help for more rational selection and improvement of rescue equipment.


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