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Reliability and Cost Evaluation of PV Module Subject to Degradation Processes

Volume 10, Number 1, January 2014 - Paper 10 - pp. 95-104


1 Bejaia University, Targa-ouzemour, Bejaia, ALGERIA
2 LAMOS laboratory of Bejaia University, Targa-ouzemour, Bejaia, ALGERIA

(Received on September 18, 2012, revised on May 31, and September 04, 2013)


This paper develops a new degradation model of the PV module performance based on two degradation processes. The first is the initial photon degradation related to physical process in the solar cell itself, where the function of the performance loss caused by this mechanism is exponentially distributed. The second is the continuous degradation process; it is related to the long term weathering and to the degradation of the module package resulting in a degradation of the module performance. In this case, the function of the performance loss caused by this mechanism follows the Weibull distribution. The obtained results by simulation are discussed and corroborated by mathematical analysis of a simpler equivalent model. The analysis covers lifetime energy loss, Cumulative loss of energy (kWh, %), annual cost of energy loss, and the total cost of energy loss. Finally, the objective reached is the reliability evaluation of the PV module.


References: 17

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