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A Virtual Model of Steam Turbine Power Generation Unit

Volume 12, Number 1, January 2016 - Paper 3 - pp. 33-43


1 Ph.D Scholar,Mechanical Engineering, Panjab University,Chandigarh
2 Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, NITTTR, Sector 26, Chandigarh
3 Director Technologies, Director- General, Aeronautics, DRDO, Bangalore

(Received on June 06, 2015 and revised on October 07, 2015)


In boiler turbine power generation units, generation of power as per the demand is an important objective. This requires an effort towards modeling of a power generation system. In this paper, the mathematical models of the various components of the boiler turbine generation unit are developed and a comprehensive virtual model of a steam  turbine power generation unit is synthesized. This model is based upon nonlinear mathematical models of the various sections of the plant which are in turn based on the energy balance, thermodynamic principles and semi-empirical equations. The proposed models can be used for various objectives such as to evaluate parameter values at different stages of the plant, to determine optimized plant parameters and to design controllers for thermal systems.


References: 7

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