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Hybrid Spiral Model to Improve Software Quality Using Knowledge Management

Volume 12, Number 4, July 2016 - Paper 3  - pp. 341-352


ICT Research Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, 226007, India.

(Received on June 08, 2016, revised on June 17, 2016)


In a fast and dynamic competitive environment it is not easy to survive and maintain a credit in market. It can be possible when user/customer trust on product quality and its performance. This can be possible when process is well defined because quality of product directly related to the quality of process. To develop a mature and effective process lot of resources is required, every organization want to achieve that at a minimum cost and time. That can be achieved when they effectively utilize the knowledge and experience. At present knowledge management is an area where quality is derived. In this paper we show how knowledge management is used to achieve quality in finished product and proposed a hybrid spiral model which is integration of spiral model and knowledge management. We proposed a hybrid spiral model to improve software quality using knowledge management which is based on knowledge flow during process. Proposed hybrid spiral model has been illustrated with example.


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