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Vibration Analysis of Shaft Misalignment and Diagnosis Method of Structure Faults for Rotating Machinery

Volume 13, Number 4, July 2017 - Paper 1  - pp. 337-347
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.17.04.p1.337347

Zhaoyi Guana, Peng Chena, Xiaoyu Zhanga, Xiong Zhoub, Ke Lic

aDepartment of Biological Resources, Mie University, Mie, 514-8507, Japan
bChongqing University of Science & Technology, China
cJiangnan University, China

(Submitted on January 9, 2017; Revised on May 16, 2017; Accepted on May 24, 2017)


In this paper, two kinds of dynamic models for shaft misalignment of rotating machinery are proposed for vibration analysis and diagnosis of the shaft misalignment state. In order to obtain the solution of the dynamic models and clarify the vibration signal features measured in the shaft misalignment state, the calculation method of vibration forces caused by misalignments is also shown. The results of computer simulation and experiment using the same rotating machine are shown to verify the efficiency of the dynamic analysis method proposed in this paper. Finally, the method for distinguishing structure faults of rotating machines (shaft misalignment state, unbalance state and looseness state) is discussed by using symptom parameters and spectra of the vibration signal measured in these states.


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