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Traffic-Aware Opportunistic Data Delivery Strategy for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Volume 13, Number 4, July 2017 - Paper 11 - pp. 437-445
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.17.04.p11.437445

Deling Huanga,c, Chang Sub, Yusong Yanc

aSchool of Software Engineering, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, China
Information Center, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, China
cSchool of Information Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chendu 610031, Sichuan, China

(Submitted on February 13, 2017; Revised on May 25, 2017; Accepted on June 17, 2017)


Adapting the frequently changed topology is the main task of data delivery in vehicular ad hoc networks. Making advantage of the characteristics that the mobility patterns and positions of vehicles are predicable, this paper presents an improved dynamic hop choosing mechanism for data delivery. It exploits predicting the positions and mobility patterns of vehicles, and also takes into account the vehicular traffic density. Accordingly, the next hop chosen by the proposed strategy is seldom out of reach even if the topology is quickly changed. Simulation results show that our approach improves the packet delivery ratio and reduces the network latency when compared with state of the art protocols.


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