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Is Eco-Efficiency Enough for Sustainability?

Volume 10, Number 4, June 2014 - Paper 1 - pp. 337-346


1 LUM University, Casamassima, BA, ITALY
2 LUISS University, Rome, ITALY

(Received on Sept.02, 2013, revised on Nov. 07 and Dec. 02, 2013, finally on Feb. 05, 2014)


Environmental sustainability is a crucial issue for future surviving and quality of life. Decoupling economic growth from environmental sustainability would be useful and desirable; and even better would be to join the pathways of these two values. A linear eco-efficient cradle to grave approach should be changed with a circular cradle to cradle logic. Using the instrument of factor analysis, this paper studies the approach of private firms toward eco-efficiency and sustainability. The results of our analysis show that private firms tend to adopt three different approaches. Two of them are based on eco-inefficient production technologies while the third approach privileges investments in R&D and more efficient production technologies that produce less waste and less GHG emissions.


References: 31

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