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An Overarching Risk Assessment Process to Evaluate the Risks Associated with Infrastructure Networks due to Natural Hazards

Volume 11, Number 2, March 2015 - Paper 4 - pp. 153-168


1 ETH Zurich, Institute of Construction and Infrastructure Management, SWITZERLAND
2 ETH Zurich, Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, SWITZERLAND  

(Received on May 10, 2014, revised on August 15, 2014)


In Europe, extreme natural hazard events are not frequent but due to the complex interdependency of the infrastructure systems these events can have a devastating impact in any part of Europe. Protection against the impacts of natural hazards must be guaranteed for people to work and live in a secure and resilient environment. People who manage infrastructure have to handle these risks. The proposed overarching risk assessment process is constructed in a way so that computational support can be constructed in modules. Therefore, each module interacts with other modules by receiving and delivering information. The content of the modules depends on the established context of the risk assessment process. The use of the overarching risk assessment process is demonstrated by using it to evaluate infrastructure related risk due to natural hazards for an example region in Switzerland.


References: 14

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