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A Time-Censored Zero Failure ALT Plan under Triangular Cyclic-Stress Loading

Volume 12, Number 2, March 2016 - Paper 3  - pp. 121-130


Department of Operational Research, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, INDIA

(Received on August 15, 2015, revised on October 31, 2015)


In industry, zero-failure testing is used to demonstrate that a product achieves the required reliability at a high confidence level. Since modern day products are highly reliable; lasting for several years, therefore zero-failure testing performed under accelerated environmental condition helps in achieving this goal quickly. A zero-failure accelerated testing is characterized by the sample size, test time and test stresses. Various ALT models under constant, step-stress, progressive stress and their various combinations have been designed in the literature. However, none of these models has been used in zero failure testing. This paper incorporates acceleration in zero-failure testing. Optimum time censored zero-failure ALT plan has been formulated under triangular cyclic-stress loading for Burr type XII distribution. The optimum plan is devised by minimizing the variance of the reliability function at used condition such that zero failures occur with reliability at high confidence level. The method developed has been explained using a numerical example and sensitivity analysis carried out.


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