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Performance Evaluation of Node Eviction Schemes in Inter-Vehicle Communication

Volume 9, Number 3, May 2013 - SC 38 - pp. 345-351


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA 02747, USA

(Received on October 24, 2012; revised on November 14, 2012)


This paper assesses the performance of node eviction schemes in vehicular networking. To secure inter-vehicle communication, a misbehaved node's certificate must be revoked to stop it from injecting messages in the network. The evaluation metrics trade off speed, time taken to remove the node, and accuracy, separation of bad from good. Among various factors affecting a scheme’s performance, the model focuses on the percentage of attacker-controlled nodes. The model abstracts the process of node eviction in order to evaluate a variety of node eviction schemes in vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) for safety-critical services. The novel approach of specifying two subnets, without labeling Bad or Good, increases the flexibility of the modeling. The study discovers the potential of exploring a new class of node eviction schemes.


References: 14

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