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Risk Governance and Risk Communication in Air Traffic Management (ATM)

Volume 11, Number 6, November 2015 - Paper 1 - pp. 523-531


Im Hummerholz 63, 71397 Leutenbach, GERMANY

(Received on January 20, 2015, revised on July 30, 2015)


The purpose of this article is the demonstration that risk governance and mitigation in aviation can only be comprehended as an abstract concept on a higher level where several mitigating actions have to be derived from. Due to the fact that the European airspace is tight, there is a new approach to effectiveness, on the one hand, and to safety issues, on the other one: the Single European Sky Project (SES). Thinking about airspaces and aviation safety means thinking about a closely cooperating Europe with various member states together with a variety of different stakeholders. Risk governance is a challenge to be met on every single level, be it local, national or throughout Europe. Risk assessment and mitigation is an ongoing process for all participants in aviation. It demands a close cooperation and a thoroughly done communication between all parts in aviation on every level in order to identify the weaknesses in the system and create sufficient safety barriers.


References: 14

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