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Approach to Assessment of Maintainability in Design

Volume 12, Number 6, November 2016 - Paper 5 - pp. 551-560

Souad Nabdi1, Brahim Herrou2

1. Laboratory of industrial techniques, faculty of sciences and techniques of Fez, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fez
2. Superior School of Technology BP. 2427 Imouzzer road, Fez

(Received on August 07, 2016, revised on September 16, 2016)


In a global environment strongly competitive, companies must control the various tools to ensure a maximum competitiveness and must engage in ameliorated actions at all levels. Of this fact, the growing complexity of the systems and the desire to reduce their costs of design, development and operation, make the safety of operation an unavoidable necessity in the development of all industrial systems. In this context, our job is to present an approach to the evaluation of the maintainability in the design phase presented by its indicator of the average repair time while integrating the opinion of the experts for the choice of the parameter of the failure rate.


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