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Ontology-based Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Process Generation of Electromechanical System

Volume 15, Number 2, February 2019, pp. 454-463
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.19.02.p10.454463

Yuguo Xua, Shixin Zhanga, Yong Lia, and Jiawang Liub

aDepartment of Equipment Support and Remanufacture, Academy of Army Armored Force, Beijing, 100072, China
bUnit 77562, Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Shigatse, 857000, China

(Submitted on October 9, 2018; Revised on November 17, 2018; Accepted on December 16, 2018)


In view of the complex fault diagnosis theory of complex equipment electromechanical systems and the difficulty of all maintenance process maintenance personnel, the ontology was introduced as a technical tool for knowledge modeling. Based on the analysis of fault diagnosis, maintenance process of knowledge structure and electromechanical systems, and use of protégé, the fault diagnosis and maintenance process of knowledge models of electromechanical systems was constructed. The faults diagnosis and auxiliary generation of the maintenance process for electromechanical systems were realized through FaCT++ reasoner to infer the constructed ontology. The model was verified, and the fault diagnosis and maintenance process knowledge could be integrated. Sharing and improving the efficiency of knowledge organization and maintenance technical support provide new technical means for effectively managing knowledge in the field of using electromechanical systems.


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              aDepartment of Equipment Support and Remanufacture, Academy of Army Armored Force, Beijing, 100072, China

              bUnit 77562, Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Shigatse, 857000, China
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