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Safety Certification for Rapid Transit Systems in Singapore

Volume 3, Number 1, January 2007 - Paper 4  - pp.  35 - 45


Land Transport Authority, Singapore

(Received from the Guest Editor on July 31, 2006)


Project Safety Review (PSR) is a safety certification process launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore in year 2000. Its objective is to provide a staged and robust check-and-balance process on safety assurance of new rapid transit system (RTS) projects. The PSR process also facilitates the certification of the overall system for a RTS project before the system is permitted to commence passenger service. Under the PSR process, a project is divided into 4 stages, namely concept, design, handover and operation. At each stage, a safety submission is required to be prepared and subject to an independent audit. When all the safety submissions are found to be satisfactory and together with the operator's declaration of its readiness to operate the system, the Chief Executive of LTA will give his consent to the operator to commence revenue service. This paper will give an overview of the PSR, its requirements, together with the challenges and lessons learned from its implementation.


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