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Volume 13 - 2017

No.4 July 2017
No.4 July 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.5 September 2017
No.7 November 2017
No.7 November 2017

Volume 12 - 2016

Volume 11 - 2015

Volume 10 - 2014

Volume 9 - 2013

Volume 8 - 2012

Volume 7 - 2011

Volume 6 - 2010

Volume 5 - 2009

Volume 4 - 2008

Volume 3 - 2007

Volume 2 - 2006

Scope of International Journal of Performability Engineering

International Journal of Performability Engineering is a refereed international journal of 21st Century and invites papers on theoretical as well as practical aspects of survivability, safety and sustainability of products, systems and services.

The papers may address any of the following aspects of Performability Engineering:

  • Product Design and Optimization, Design Optimization for Creativity, Product Design for Environment, Environmental Regulations and Directives
  • Use of Improved Materials and Dematerialization in Product Design and Energy Efficient Designs
  • Innovative Techniques and Technologies for Performance Improvement
  • Quality Engineering and Management: Off-line and On-line Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, Engineering Process Control, Quality Planning, Total Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, Quality Management Systems, Total Quality Management, ISO Certification, Six Sigma, Product Life Cycle Management
  • Product Warranty, Cost Analysis and Warranty Management Systems
  • Reliability Analysis and Engineering: Software Reliability, System Analysis, Dynamic and Time Dependent Analysis. System Reliability Design and Optimization, Reliability /Life Testing, Accelerated Life Testing, Defect and Degradation Analysis, Reliability Growth Models
  • Process Reliability and Engineering, Process Monitoring, Designing Clean Production Processes, Energy Audit during Production Processes, Process FMEA
  • Waste Management, Waste Minimization, Recycling and Reuse Management,
  •  Integration of Safety, Reliability, Risk, and Performance Analysis and Engineering, Holistic approaches and applications
  • Supporting Analyses for Performability Engineering and Management, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Nets, Fuzzy Set Theory, Dempster-Shafer, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Software
  • Organizational and Decision Aspects of Performability Engineering and Management, Decision Theory Applications, Knowledge Engineering, Organizational Modeling
  • Human Factors Analysis, Human Reliability Analysis, Human Aspects of Performability Engineering and Management
  • Maintenance Engineering: Replacement and Preventive (various policies), Predictive (Vibration Measurement analysis, Acoustic Emission, Oil Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Motor current analysis) Condition-based Maintenance Strategies and Models, Maintenance Optimization. Corrective Maintenance. Maintainability Design and Availability Optimization, Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • Safety Engineering: Product and Plant Safety, Analytical Techniques for Safety Assessment such as FMECA, Hazard Analysis, Static and Dynamic FTA, ET, BDD and Models of CCF
  • Risk Analysis and Management, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Risk Minimization, Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Risk Perception and Communication, Risk Governance, Uncertainty Management
  • Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental and Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Sustainability Assessment, Metrics of Sustainability, Economics of Sustainability, Clean and Sustainable Technologies
  • Industrial Applications of Performability Engineering and Management, Industrial Ecology
  • Economics of Life Cycle Activities, Internalization of Environmental Costs
  • Performability Engineering and Management in Engineering Curricula
  • Applications of Performability Engineering Concepts and Methods

Besides innovative and original papers, state-of-art reviews and articles describing important and interesting recent case studies are also welcome.


Performability Engineering is a holistic interdisciplinary approach to optimally engineer dependable and sustainable products, systems and services

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