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Volume 13 - 2017

No.4 July 2017
No.4 July 2017

Volume 12 - 2016

Volume 11 - 2015

Volume 10 - 2014

Volume 9 - 2013

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Components’ Rejuvenation in Production with Reused Elements

Volume 10, Number 6, September 2014, Paper 3 pp 567-575


Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, POLAND

(Received on November 29, 2013, revised on June 24, and July 10, 2014)


Recapturing value from used goods and wastes has recently become one of the companies’ key area of interest. Reusing of products can bring direct advantages because company uses recycled materials or recovered elements instead of expensive raw materials and new components. Reusing of products has become a factor of competitiveness for modern companies. This relates primarily to manufacturers who are obligated to collect their products, which have failed during warranty period. The main objective of this paper is to present models that allow to estimate cost-effectiveness of reusing the returned elements in new production.


References: 22

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