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Design Verification and Experimental Analysis on Industrial Cleaner for Fluffs Collection

Volume 12, Number 5, September 2016 - Paper 6 - pp. 459-470


School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, Chennai, INDIA

(Received on July 08, 2016, revised on August 22, 2016)


Industrial cleaners play an important role in the collection of fluffs for centralized waste collection system. Therefore, it has become necessary to find out the design verification and experimental analysis of fluffs collection in actual working condition. This paper deals with the design and experimental investigation of fluffs collection in the cleaner in order to optimize the centralized waste collection system. CFD results of the cleaner were validated by the experimental results from both standard and actual working experimental setup. Finally, performance results of analytical and experimental in both standard and actual working results were compared. It was observed that the volume of fluffs collection at each discharge of the cleaner was 9.7g and the power consumption was 1.682 kW.


References: 13


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