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Temporal Multiscale Consumption Strategies of Intermittent Energy based on Parallel Computing

Volume 14, Number 5, May 2018, pp. 841-848
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.05.p2.841848

Huifen Chena, Yiming Zhanga, Feng Yaoa, Zhice Yangb,c, Fang Liub,*, Yi Liua, Zhiheng Lia, and Jinggang Wanga

aState Grid Henan Electric Power Company, Zhengzhou, 450052, China
bChinese Academy of Science, Beijing, 100190, China
cUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, China

(Submitted on February 8, 2018; Revised on March 16, 2018; Accepted on April 23, 2018)


Fossil energy is non-renewable energy. The use of fossil energy power generation not only increases the consumption of energy, but also emissions will also bring environmental pollution. The resources of wind, light and other renewable energy are rich in China. The use of new energy power generation is conducive to energy security and sustainable development. Due to the characteristics of regional, intermittent, random and unpredictable of wind and light, large-scale wind power and photovoltaic power in national grid are seriously challenged by the overall dispatch of the power system. Firstly, the paper analyzes and improves the evaluation model of intermittent energy generation capacity by analyzing and processing the real data of a province Power Network. In the model, the photovoltaic unit output constraint and the pumped storage unit constraint of pumping stage and drawing-off stage and the storage capacity of pumped storage power station are added. Secondly, the input data of a province Power Network, which is in accordance with the input condition, is input into the proposed optimization model and the results are credible. In addition, the input data and output results are displayed in visualization formed by graphs, which provides effective guidance to the management of a province Power Network.


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